Attract real customers to your business via Instagram.

Vizns engages with potential customers for you based on who they already follow on Instagram (competitors, niche topic pages, hashtags) or their physical location (near your business).

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Reasons to use Vizns

It's the little things that count

  • Get followers, likes, engagement and store walk-ins

  • Gain massive brand awareness without huge ad budgets

  • 24/7 Account Management Support

  • No contract or long term commitments

  • Safe & Secure Service

  • No Setup Fees

How it works

A simple service for local businesses to efficiently grow customers


Provide us with your business address or website

Our software will find Instagram users who are near your physical stores or in-market for your business.


Vizns engages with your target audience

Using your account, our software will follow local users and like their pictures. This builds brand awareness and users that enjoy your Instagram will follow you back, engage with your page, and come to your business locations.


Vizns unfollows non-interested individuals

Vizns will then unfollow users that didn't follow you leaving you with a massive engaged fanbase to promote new products, events, or deals to.


Rinse and repeat

Over time your following will grow radically and you can enjoy repeat customers.


Get everything you need to grow your business with Instagram without startup fees or contracts

Premium Plan

Our most popular access level Start 7 day trial
  • 1000 targeted engagements driven per day
  • Unlimited niche targeted accounts
  • Premium support
  • Unfollowing Service
  • Cancel At Any Time
  • No Setup Fees


Common questions and answers

  • Are the followers I get real?

    Yes, while using Vizns marketing services every follower you get through our efforts is 100% real and organic.

  • I have subscribed and paid, Now what?

    Within 24 hours an account representative will initiate your service and you should start seeing action on your Instagram.

  • Can I use my account while using Vizns?

    Absolutely. Our services do not get in the way of you using your account and post content regularly on your page.

  • Can I change my username or target audience?

    Of course! Be sure to email us and let us know that you have changed your username or how you wish to change your target audience.

  • If I cancel do I lose my Followers?

    The followers you have gained have followed you only because they actively chose to and are interested in the content of your Instagram page therefore they may unfollow you at their discretion just like any other follower.

  • Why do you need my login?

    Unfortunately Instagram recently updated their code to no longer allow us to grow followers without full access. Your username and password are stored securely within our software and will never be shared with 3rd parties.


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