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How Amazon Sellers market their products on social media

Top reasons Amazon sellers use us to gain traction in a competitive landscape:

  • Differentiate product listings with brand credibility
  • Auto-posting trending product listings
  • Build a lead list for repetitive sales
  • Nurture and support current customers
  • A/B prototype reaction testing

Get real social media followers through targeted outreach designed to build brand credibility and loyal customers.

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Selling on Amazon seller central is ridiculously competitive.

We've all seen those "How I built my Amazon store to passively make millions" video ads featuring a guy in a rented Lamborghini. Unfortunately what I'm about to tell you is not fake news. Making your brand shine on Amazon is extremely difficult. The only people not constantly grinding to grow their visibility are people that are losing.

Let's not forget that the first 3 listings for a product search on Amazon captures 80% of the sales. When you launch new products, you need happy customers and reviews to rank higher. But how do you plan on getting those customers in the first place? Most people would say friends and family, or from previous customers. But is that really enough to get you ranked in the top 3?

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Gone are the days when you can pay your friends to go buy your product for free in exchange for a review. Amazon AI is smart enough to detect localized geographic friend & family buys, product reviews for shipments that haven't even arrived yet, and much more. They know very well what natural real growth looks like, even when it is viral.

Another option would be to try sponsored listings through AMS or Facebook ads. A lot of e-commerce success has come from both of these. Here's the problem though, what would happen to your Amazon business if you had to spend 25%+ more to get those customers?

News Flash In the last year ad costs on both AMS & Facebook have jumped by over 27%! Some ad bids have moved by over 300% due to how competitive Amazon is becoming. You better have your math right if your counting on staying in business next year while you sit on the beach sipping Margs. 🏝️

However, light at the end of the tunnel exists. Your Amazon inventory CAN get infront of the right people... and without ludicrious daily ad spend budgets.

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Vizns helps you get traction through natural outreach designed to get the attention of your target market. Every day we perform outreach activities (Likes, Comments, Follows, etc.) from your brands social media account. Every day our team puts your brand front and center on posts all over social media that meet your audience targeting requirements. Selling a pet toy? No problem, our system can engage with every person who posted from dog parks and pet stores anywhere in the world.

Selling your new book? Have us engage with anyone hashtagging #reading or anyone already following another Author similar to you. Those examples barely scratch the surface of what you can do to bring in new business as an Amazon seller. The best part... you can start 100% free to see how it works before upgrading to a low monthly plan that doesn't brake the bank like ads.

  • Build a fanbase to repetitively market your products to over time
  • Build brand trust through social proof
  • Send social media followers to view your product listings to buy!

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