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Follow your customers when they become your customer or nurture leads to show them you care.

Why use it?:

  • 307% increase in open rates vs email
  • Follow customers to show you care about them
  • Automatically send a message when they follow you
  • Drip coupons and loyalty offers

Build brand credibility and repeat customers that love your brand.

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How to find customers on Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks.

Connecting with your customers goes far beyond sending them an email every once in a while or following up on the phone. Many people simply ignore emails and phone calls these days, but this is not the case on social.

With Vizns CRM syncing you can take phone numbers or email addresses for customers and match them to Instagram and Twitter handles. Simply send us your CRM data and we can automatically follow new customers, drip a message/ get the attention of a lead, and much more.

CRM social syncing

Records given to us are synced to usernames within 24 hours, allowing you to interact with customers found quickly and accurately.

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Vizns powers an ecosystem that naturally promotes @brands by autonomously building relationships with customers and prospects on social networks.

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