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Engagement types

Communicate in just the right way with just the right person.

*engagement daily limits change often and are dependent on your social media platforms current standing/ market conditions to ensure brand safety at all times!
Like posts when the fit your target audience.
  • Available on: All plans
  • Daily limit: 110
Likes have the lowest conversion rate due to clutter in the engagement world. They are meant to be more of a poke over the long term.
Send users a follow request.
  • Available on: All plans
  • Daily limit: 700
Use follows to envoke the highest chance of a follow back. Our system will automatically cleanse them and we will NOT unfollow your personal friends.
Comment on posts with personalized messages.
  • Available on: All plans
  • Daily limit: 190
Comments are the second most common engagement type on our platform. Use them to engage with your own customers or to spike interest with personalized messages.
Direct message users.
  • Available on: Pro plan only
  • Daily limit: 24
Use direct messages only when you want to seriously engage a niche user. Our low daily limit enforces our no spam outlook on automation.
Nurture new followers with DM's and Likes.
  • Available on: All paid plans
  • Daily limit: 50
Use nurturing to welcome new users to your community. You also have the ability to drip "like" a few of their photos to ensure a loyal friendship.

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