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Beauty & fashion social media marketing

What do fasion & beauty brands get from well managed social media marketing:

  • Brand recognition & social clout
  • Repetitive referrals by fans & influencers
  • Sales distribution to e-commerce stores
  • Product knowledge evangelising
  • A/B reaction testing

Get fashion and beauty social media followers through targeted outreach designed to build brand credibility and loyal customers.

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Growing beauty & fashion brands through social.

Want to be the next FashionNova, Tom Ford, or Elf cosmetics? Our technology simplifies growing a real audience on social media. social media represents the epicenter of todays leaders in beauty and fashion. Sure there have been outliers but in order to stay relevant, the fashion and beauty world is focused social media.

One trick has been to leverage Vizns to target the pictures taken by decision makers at the corporate headquarters of Target. However, a majority of our users turn to competitor targeting and location targeting to build a solid foundational fanbase designed to turn viral. With the right content Vizns can transform your social media into a powerful sales funnel. Below you will find visuals to inspire you from our previous client campaigns.

makeup influencer link
clothing social media influencer
viral fashion social media post

Each of these brands reached the viral stage through diligent social media promotions.

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We help you get traction through natural outreach designed to get the attention of your target market. Every day we perform outreach activities (Likes, Comments, Follows, etc.) from your brands social media account. Every day our team puts your brand front and center on posts all over social media that meet your audience targeting requirements. Selling a new eyeliner? Our platform can engage with every person who posted from Sephora or Mac stores anywhere in the world.

Selling your jacket? Have us engage with anyone hashtagging #winter, #snowboarding, #snow, #colorado or anyone already following @neversummerindustries or @obermeyer. The best part... you can start 100% free to see how it works before upgrading to a low monthly plan that doesn't brake the bank like ads.

  • Build a fanbase to repetitively market your products to over time
  • Build brand trust through social proof
  • Send social media followers to view your product listings to buy!

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