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The ultimate guide to food and beverage social media marketing

Top reasons food and beverage businesses use social media:

  • Drive business with mouth watering posts
  • Develop localized fanbases near physical stores
  • Cost efficient way to repetitively pull in customers
  • Engage with your community to support and nuture

Ready to drive hungry stomachs to buy your brand or sit down at your restaurant.

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How to use social media as a food & beverage business:

We've all seen the picture of a yummy donut on social you just want to sink your teeth into. Do they really drive business though? The short answer is yes.

Content is everything in the food and beverage promotion game and without it you will die a slow subtle death. The truth is that most people find new places to eat through friends and family. But if you have no customer base or you simply lost your footing and can't grow, now is the time to deploy some social media sprinkles.

nurture new followers

Nowadays users expect you to get their attention when they are nearby or within UberEats delivery distance. When they follow you, the first thing you do should be to like a few of their photos and send them a polite message to get the conversation rolling. Doing this kind of outreach can take massive amounts of time and that's where Vizns comes in.

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You can leverage new follower nurturing (Pictured above) to automate the process of promoting your physical location. At the same time you can target users taking posts down the street at local hot spots, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, schools and so much more. Imagine being able to reach out and say "Hi! you should stop by and try this amazing meal we have" without ever doing anything.

  • Build a fanbase to repetitively market your restaurant to over time
  • Build quality taste trust through social proof
  • Send social media followers to get directions with only 1 click

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