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Social media brand safety using Google's Natural language detection

Why use it?:

  • Protect yourself from PR nightmares
  • Avoid negative posts surrounding your brand name
  • Stop social media managers from blindly engaging
  • Save time by engaging with the right posts

Get real social media followers through targeted outreach designed to build brand credibility and loyal customers.

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Why you should use natural language detection for Instagram outreach.

Communicating with prospects and customers over social media has never been so important. People expect you to be where they are to answer their questions and interact around topics related to your product or service. At scale this is extremely difficult to do without an enormous manual burden on your team.

How do you know who to interact with and who to avoid? Social media is littered with fake profiles and trolls waiting for the chance to drop bombs of negativity within your brand conversations.

To solve this Vizns leverages Google’s natural language algorithms. When we originally founded Vizns to help influencers connect with brands via pay per post marketing campaigns this wasn't an issue. However, after many years developing technology to facilitate large influencer marketing campaigns, the company discovered a rapid rise in influencer fraud, fake followers, and sketchy tactics designed to lure brands into paying big bucks for falsified results.

We started deploying our pay per real engagement system so that brands would only pay for engagements we found to be real. However, it worked so well we decided to offer it to brands directly. Not surprisingly, brands we tested had follower to engagement ratio's increased astronomically, social media algorithms picked up on this, and they’re posts appeared for more followers. ~ Shahzil A. (Co-Founder / CTO of Vizns)

Have you ever seen a sad post on social media with a brand that commented on it “This is great!” or “awesome picture”? Well that’s exactly what Vizns software was designed to avoid. When social media managers are in a rush, they fail to protect your brand. A single bad engagement could ruin how your are perceived and detecting those posts before someone engages is paramount to a successful social presence.

google sentiment detection

Example of a captioned post containing both “loved” and “RIP. Google detects the sentiment of this text and provides back a score Vizns leverages in their decision to skip engaging with a particular target market post. It’s important to note that this is just 1 of several detection algorithms used in deciding whether to skip engaging with a post or not. Vizns also leverages a massive blacklisted words and phrases database, a fake follower detection score, and manual review for their messaging add on packs serious brands can purchase for ultimate protection.

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