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Best ways real estate moguls leverage social media to dominate:

  • Outreach to parents posting from local schools
  • Targeting your markets top real estate agents
  • Pre-nurting appartment tenants for first buys
  • Repetitive engagement with local

Develop a real social media community to market new builds, used homes, or even brokerage services.

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How to sell real estate using social media:

Selling real estate has become a market of 90% zombie agents that troll their personal neighbors for buyers and sellers and do nothing more than post a home on Zillow. The problem with this strategy is that it doesn't work in poor markets with high interest rates **COUGH** 2019 **Cough**.

But who wants to be in the bottom 90% anyways? If you're reading this article I have more faith in you than that. So today I'm going to walk you through all the great content types people like Stefan Aarnio, Cody Sperber, and Tom Ferry use to get massive social media fan bases.

  1. Listing posts: Showcasing a listing they have available to drive viral traffic into an open house.
  2. Motivational posts: Memes, words of wisdom, and pictures with their faces photoshopped into gladiator legends. These should pump up your audience and get them out the door in the morning.
  3. Influencer posts: Sponsored or organic posts made by friends to boost their credibility as a real estate agent.
  4. How to posts: Advice from their own minds on current market conditions, pricing, tax changes, etc.

They post as often as possible and they don't worry about quality. In the fast moving social game you need to be infront of eyeballs as much as possible and that means posting often. Don't sacrifice quantity for quality!

But what if you don't have a big social media following or you made your profile yesterday (welcome to 2019 🤣)? You need to build a fanbase of new followers from scratch and you need to make sure they are targeted members of your real estate market. We need to stay ahead of your competitors, offer your clients world class communication without spamming, and get you noticed everywhere it matters. Using Vizns you can target local market users using location targeting as well as competitor targeting.

Vizns specializes in engageing with social posts made from loan offices, demo homes, hot new neighborhoods, or real estate events/ conferences. We can target parents at nearby schools, people that already follow the top agents in your area, or even follow users mentioning #homeShopping.

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