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What do Shopify sellers gain from social media marketing automation?:

  • Social proof gives potential customers trust
  • Save time by auto-posting top shopify products
  • Free continuous marketing to loyal followers
  • Nurture and support shopify customers

Shopify store owners get real social media followers that actively engage in checkout events.

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Shopify seller Intagram marketing guide:

So you built a shopify store, took amazing photos of all of your products, and then noticed that nobody comes to your site. Your not alone, we've all been there. The truth is that nobody will come to your site just because it exists. You will need to get it there through marketing and sales outreach.

But I was told by a guy on YouTube that money just flows in passively and I only have to work 2 hours a week!

Nope... that guy is just counting on continiously upselling you on his mastermind courses until you give up. Shopify is just like any other web venture and you need to ask yourself all of the important questions to get it just right.

  1. Who is your target audience
  2. Why do they want your product?
  3. Where do those people go in the real world throughout their daily lives?
  4. What sites on the web do they go to for information in your market?
  5. What competitors do you have?
  6. What hashtags do those competitors use?
  7. What events/ conferences/ schools does my ideal prospect attend?

Once you answer those questions you will be ready to create a few Shopify marketing campaigns and see what sticks. These days you only have a few really powerful options with enough scale to help you takeoff.

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Google Ads
  3. Amazon seller options

The first 2 companies control a majority of the worlds active daily device users, while Amazon selling is on an entirely different level. You now face the toughest question of them all. How much money do you have to spend on a daily basis to sell your product now that you already drained it all into the basics of getting a shopify store up and live?

With keyword prices skyrocketing and Facebook becoming a competitive eco-system where can you go to build loyal customers? Ad prices are on the rise with almost a 300% increase in keyword / sponsored listing prices in just a year. It's getting harder than ever to have your own seller site.

Even if you transition your products into Amazon, Google shopping, or Ebay marketplaces... you will have significant challenges and dynamic ranking algorithms all with seperate tactics.

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That's where our latest social media innovations come in.

Vizns helps you get traction through natural outreach designed to get the attention of your target market. Every day we perform outreach activities (Likes, Comments, Follows, etc.) from your brands social media account. Every day our team puts your brand front and center on posts all over social media that meet your audience targeting requirements. Selling a pet toy? No problem, our system can engage with every person who posted from dog parks and pet stores anywhere in the world.

Selling your new book? Have us engage with anyone hashtagging #reading or anyone already following another Author similar to you. Those examples barely scratch the surface of what you can do to bring in new business as an Amazon seller. The best part... you can start 100% free to see how it works before upgrading to a low monthly plan that doesn't brake the bank like ads.

  • Build a fanbase to repetitively market your products to over time
  • Build brand trust through social proof
  • Send social media followers to view your product listings to buy!

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